ZTE To Release Operating System To Compete With Android.

ZTE To Release Operating System To Compete With Android.

Yet another company has decided to take a leap into the operating system business. This time, it being China’s second biggest phone equipment provider ZTE.

ZTE has recently spoken to China Daily and are saying that they have teamed up with the Firefox web browser development team to create a operating system to combat the rising popularity of Android. Earlier today, ZTE Executive Vice-President He Shiyou told press that the new operating system will be available during the December quarter. It would be expected that a mobile company would start up a new operating system, but one in China? The Chinese company revealed that this is a pure marketing scheme and that they expect mobile shares to double through to the end of the year.

“We will not rely on only one operating system,”  He Shiyou said. Thus finishing off with the announcement of the new OS. ZTE reportedly had been using Android on 90% of it’s devices with the other 10% using Windows.

If this OS will be launched in North America, we’re not completely sure. ZTE is apparently speaking with overseas carriers to offer this new OS but if they accepted it or not has not been released yet. This would be cool to have a new operating system and not have just Android in the market but whether or not they actually make it big enough to come close to getting competitive is a different story.  There are a few factors in making a new Operating System. Apps need to be developed, developers need to develop these apps and last but not least, the operating system needs to be revolutionary against Apple or Google per say. After all, Google and Apple already have a trustworthy fan base. Whether or not this operating system succeeds is up to you.

What do you think? Will they succeed in making this system? Will it be able to compete with Google/Apple or will it crumble? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. PhillipWoon

    Well, perhaps in China it will work first.  Then when it’s strong in China, it can go conquer the world.

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