What is Android Rooting?

This will be a short tutorial describing some of the many benefits and drawbacks of rooting an android device. Rooting is a processes that allows users of Mobile phones, tablets, pc’s, any device that runs Android to be changed with the goal of overcome limitations that Android has put into place or that hardware manufactures have put into place.
– full control of android
– you can back up and restore the whole system, making it very easy to revert to the previous DOC android at at any time.
-One large benefit is installing custom ROMS, ROMS can make it feel like your using a different OS on the device by doing things only rooted devices could do such as Overclocking.
– some apps are only available if the device is rooted, and is the main reason to root the device.
-Rooting a phone can be used for carrier unlocks allowing the phone to be used on any provider.

Q: will it break my phone?
A: there is a chance that it could harm the device but is a very low chance, and a 100% chance of fixing it
Q: will it void my warranty?
A: yes it will! unless the it is unrooted, which is capable in most devices.

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