LG Optimus G E973 Announced at Souel Korea!

LG Optimus G E973 Announced at Souel Korea!

LG Optimus G E973 Announced at Souel Korea!

LG Optimus G E973 Announced at Souel Korea!

Recent news for from Souel today, LG has released a new addition to their Optimus line of devices in the form of the Optimus G. The Optimus G E973 has some great features that make it quite the desirable Android mobile phone. With LG’s slow decline in the Android market, this device should really set the pace for their future releases.

As for the specs, this is where the Optimus G seems to gain an upper edge on other devices. It features gorgeous 4.7 inch front display panel with 16 million colors and a resolution of 1280×768, giving it a 318PPI pixel density which is quite impressive and certainly fits into the high resolution category. To power this massive device, the Optimus G features a quad core S4 processor clocked at 1.5GHz and an Adreno 320 GPU. Good news for people with the latest LTE in their area, as the Optimus G supports it. For those that don’t, the standard HSDPA is also included on the chipset. 2GB of ram is paired to the device and a 13 megapixel shooter is at the back. 13 megapixels is quite high and above the standard which is a nice feature, but that means that the image files will be quite a bit larger. As for the software, it will launch with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which is a little late as most devices are shipping with Jelly Bean. That’s still okay, as LG says the device should receive an update after launch for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

No word on pricing, but expect it to be around as much as the current super phones on sale at your local carrier. The only available colors will be black and white, but that might change as time progresses.

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